Bonnet Shores Fire District

Narragansett, Rhode Island

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Council Organization Meeting July 17th, 7:30 PM Smile AGENDA
Next Council Meeting:    July 19th, 7:30 PM  AGENDA

See below for
Beach, Bonnet Days, Yard Sale, and Bulky Pick Up information. Summer Camp Newsletter Smile CAMP NEWSLETTER

New Fire Safety reminder following snowstorms: Smile FIRE SAFETY 

Yard Waste Dumpster Pickup 7-11 AM: 
         JUL 15, 29; AUG 12, 26; SEP 9, 23; OCT 7, 21; NOV 4; 18

Beach Opening: July 1 - September 3:       Smile BEACH BUS ROUTE
Summer Camp: June 6th thru August 18th Smile CAMP PAGE
Yard Sale:          July 15th Smile FLYER  Register before July 7th.
Bulky Pick Up:  July 19th Smile FLYER

Save the Date 2017:
       Dec 17: Dinner at Spain

Rental Registration Form               No longer required! 
Wesquage Pond Monitoring:         Smile Wesquage Pond Monitoring
Bonnet Employment Application: Smile Employment Application
Ad Hoc Committee on URI Student Rental Problems: Smile Report
District Manager Hours
: Winter Schedule: Wed, Thu, 10AM - 4PM.
Emergency Contact Program:
   Register with our Emergency Contact Program.
   See Details: Smile Contact Program            Print Form: Smile  Contact Form   

Recycling ReminderPlease be mindful of what can and cannot be placed in your recycle bins. Smile Recycling Is Mandatory In Narragansett 

The Town of Narragansett requires a burning permit for any burning on the beaches or in yards.
Firework are prohibited in Bonnet Shores!  In accordance with ordinances of the Town of Narragansett and the Bonnet Shores Fire District there are no fireworks permitted in Bonnet Shores.
Please be respectful of your neighbors.



District Manager:            Telephone: 789-4540
Lisa DiBello                                     E-Mail:          

Winter Office Hours:                    Wednesdays & Thursdays: 11AM - 4PM

Summer Reserved Office Hours:     Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 10AM - 2PM
                                                   2nd Saturday of each month:    10AM - 2PM

rash & Recycling Pickup:

Trash Carts / Recycle Bins: Available for sale at the Com. Ctr.

07/12/2017 Recycling Update  Smile Recycle Clarification

05/01/2017: Zoning Lawsuit     Smile Lawsuit

September: 2016 Newsletter 
    Smile 2016 Newsletter
07/18/2016: Bonnet Update      Smile Bonnet Update

06/27/2016: BSBC Easement   
Smile BSBC Easement
06/23/2016: BSBC Agreement  Smile BSBC Agreement


Invites You to Enjoy Viewing Photographs from
Bonnet Shores : The Early Years


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