Trash and Recycling                        RELATED EVENTS Include Yard Waste Dumster, Bulky Pick Up, Xmas Trees


>  Trash and Recyling pickup is on Wednesdays including holidays, unless otherwise noted.
           (Typically Christmas, and New Years, possibly VJ day)
>  Trash will not be picked up if it is not in the designated trash cart.  Do not put trash in the rcyclables cart (yellow lid)!
>  All carts should be at the curbside by 6:30 AM.
>  All carts NEED TO BE REMOVED from the curbside by Wednesday evening.
>  Carts not place properly may not be emptied. See below.
>  NO TVs, computers, monitors, appliances, mattresses or bulky items for regular pick up.
          These items require special handling and will not be removed.
>  Occupants are encouraged to recycle.

Contact Rose Hill Recycling-Transfer Station, 163 Rose Hill Rd, Wakefield at 401-783-4554. ◊ ROSE HILL
  Yard Waste Dumpster: Typically on alternating Saturdays, 7am-11am at CC from mid May thru mid November.
      - see Related Events for details -
  Bulky Pickup: July 30, 2022;   - see Related Events for details -
Christmas Tree Pickup:  2023 TBD


>  Use yellow lid 65 gallon cart for acceptable recylable materials only.  Old containers will not be emptied.
Recycling materials are picked up the same day as the trash, but at different times.
>  We now have single stream recycling.
>  Any large cardboard needs to be broken into smaller pieces.
>  Bins can be purchased at the Community Center.
>  New recycle totes will be "automated" which means they will be lifted/emptied using a "motorized arm" (similar to how trash totes are emptied).

If you have any questions regarding the new tote program, please contact the District Manager at 789-4540.

Recyclable Clarification JUN/JUL 2017: ◊ Recycling Clarifiaction
Narragansett Recycling: ◊  Recycling is Mandatory in Narragansett
Rhode Island Resource Recovery Recycling Information:RIRRC Recycling Pamphlet


In order for the Trash Contractor to properly use the automated dumping system the trash carts MUST BE:
>  Eight (8) feet from any obstacle (Poles, mail boxes, cars, etc.)
>  Within two feet of the curbside
>  Two feet from any other obstacle (Other trash cart, recycling bins, etc.)
>  Placed with the lid side facing the road, as noted on the top of the lid.

Each home has been assigned ONE CART. Each cart has a specific identification number on it.
>  These numbers have been recorded and trash will ONLY be picked-up if the numbers coincide with the appropriate addresses.
>  Homeowners are encouraged to WRITE their address on their recycle bins and trash carts.
>  A homeowner may purchase ONE additional cart. Contact District Manager for price