When wAs you may know, we have a security guard that patrols on weekends most of the year. He patrols all the streets of Bonnet and also checks the Little Beach, Kelly Beach, the Point and Community Center. He ensures that illegally parked cars are towed, no loitering, no drivers are driving drunk, and approaching homes that are having a loud party, or any other criminal act. He can warn residents having a loud party to please quiet down but he cannot call it into the police.

Only the homeowner can do that due to a Narragansett ordinance. The district has spoken to the town manager, the president of the town council and the police chief to allow the guard to call the loud parties in, but again due to the ordinance, it can’t be done. Chief Corrigan has asked that we notify homeowners that if the attempts of the guard are not successful to quiet the party, to please call in the complaint to the police department if you are still being disturbed. The call will remain anonymous. All the other criminal acts will be covered by the security guard.

(DEC 2016)