Resident Emergency Contact Program

The Emergency Contact Program is designed to provide residents a means to be contacted in the event their property in Bonnet Shores experiences a problem during the owner's absence. Over the past two winters there have been several instances of burst pipes or fires where the fire district was able to contact the owner with the information provided on the resident contact list. Below is one fire district official's recent experience.

"In the last 2 months I have used the emergency contact list to notify or try to notify neighbors of serious problems about their houses. Here are two examples:"

  • A neighbor on the cliff had a dumpster which caught fire while he was out of state. I notified him using his contact number from the emergency contact list.

  • Another new neighbor had a serious water issue due to the cold, but we had no contact information because they did not know that they could register.
If you see this message, please register.

We we would also use your email address to convey emergency information regarding extreme storms, changes to trash pickup or other significant events. If you wish to register with this program, please use the linked form to submit your contact information.

Emergency Contact Form: ◊ Contact Information Form
The form also provides you with the option to decline receipt of general information from the council and district manger, such as upcoming meeting agendas, social events, and other announcements. Most participants have found this service very useful. Should wish to not receive such email blasts, please indicate so.