Financial Reports


Current Balance Sheet:  
Current Profit and Loss:
JULY 2018 ◊   PROFIT & LOSS      
Tax Collection:  
 JUN 2018 ◊ Tax Collection Report
 EMAIL:      ◊ |
 Voice Mail:  401-783 9994 - In Service
Annual tax bills are mailed in July.
Current Fiscal Budget:
FY2019  FINAL Budget               ◊  FINAL BUDGET FY19
FY2019  Capital Budget             ◊  Capital Budget FY19
FY2019  Account Balances        ◊  Account Balances

In 2011, the Fiscal Year was changed from July through June
to May through April.
Budget Planning:  
Budget Planning takes place the last few weeks of the Fiscal Year .
One or two closed works sessions are held, followed by an open session for the public.  Dates are announced in the monthly Council Meeting.
Prior Years Year End Statements:  
FY2018 ◊ 2018 YEAR END |  BAL: Balance Sheet
FY20172017 YEAR END
FY2016  ◊ 2016 YEAR END
FY2015  ◊ 2015 YEAR END
FY2014  ◊ Contact Treasurer
FY2013  ◊ Contact Treasurer
FY2012  ◊ Contact Treasurer