Beach                                 Includes Beach Bus and Life Guard Schedules


Kelly Beach:  TBD.

Little Beach:  No Lifeguard
* Swim at your own risk when no lifeguards on duty!
Employment Application: ◊ APPLICATION FORM


2021 Beach Openings: Kelly Beach
>  June 26, 2021 - Sept 6, 2021 
>  Please pick up any litter and take any trash home with you.
>  Trash receptacles are not available at the beach.
>  Dogs are not permitted on the beaches from May 15th thru September 15th!
Please be aware that there are NO DOGS allowed on both Kelly and Little Beach when they are officially open. This is a Bonnet Ordinance. We have alerted the Narragansett dog officer that the ordinance is now in effect. Please abide by this ordinance as residents enjoy our beaches for the summer. Thank you for your cooperation.

Adjacent Beach Club Property Notice:

As a result of complaints filed with the RI Ethics  Commission against some Bonnet Shores Fire District officials, which indirectly involved the  Beach Club, the club has now issued a "demand letter" to the Fire District addressing several  "issues" one of which is the use of beach property owned by the club. Effective immediately, the  area just west of Kelly Beach approximately 200 linear feet in size will no longer be available  for use by non-club members. You may see security or lifeguards stationed in this area to enforce  the new restriction. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do at this time and hope that we will  be able to come to a favorable resolution in the future. We appreciate your cooperation in this  matter.              


      Link to  Little Beach Summary
      Little Beach Committee  Survey Results
The Little Beach Committee recently sent out a survey on a proposed $50,000 study of the shoreline from Onondega Rd. to the intersection of Col. John Gardner Rd. and Anchorage Rd.
770 email surveys were sent out. 472 of those emails were opened. 284 responses to the survey were received. Use the links below to see the  ◊  survey results   and   ◊  Comments submitted on survey
       2021 Little Beach Meeting   Jan13 ◊ Minutes,  Feb10 ◊ Minutes,  Mar3 ◊ Minutes  Seaweed ◊ notes  Mar23 ◊ Minutes
       Little Beach Meeting   Nov 11, 2020  ◊ Minutes
       Little Beach Meeting   Oct  14, 2020  ◊ Minutes 
       Little Beach Meeting  Sept 24, 2020  ◊ Minutes
       Little Beach Meeting  Sept 2, 2020    ◊  Minutes
KELLY BEACH    - CLOSED for the season
  The beach will open for the season on Saturday, June 26th. The beach will be open and staffed
Monday-Friday from 10am to 5pm and Saturday-Sunday from 10am to 5:30pm. Security will be
on duty weekends to check tags/ID. If you have misplaced your tags or they were not provided
upon sale or rental, please be advised that there are no “replacement tags” issued. You would be
allowed to make a (1) time (1) tag purchase for $100 OR you (or your guests) could show any
form of ID (utility bill, license, rental agreement, etc.) that has your Bonnet Shores address
printed on it to access the beach. Only one member in the group needs to show a tag or ID. Also,
please be advised that when the tide is high and the channel between Kelly Beach and the
Bonnet Shores Beach Club is flowing, the Beach Club cannot get across with equipment to clean
the beach of seaweed (and on occasion empty trash containers). As a result, there may be times
(such as this past week) where the beach will not be able to be cleaned or seaweed removed.
The beach shuttle will run Saturdays and Sundays from July 3 through Sept. 5 please note the shuttle will also run on Monday, July 5 for the holiday. Shuttle hours will be Saturdays 11-5 and Sundays 11-5:30. Please note that MASKS WILL BE REQUIRES AT ALL TIMES ON THE SHUTTLE. This may change going forward but as of now, the shuttle company is requiring masks be worn by all riders.
        Shuttle Bus Route