Beach                                 Includes Beach Bus and Life Guard Schedules


Kelly Beach: Wednesday-Sunday from 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm.     (Lifeguard on break from 1pm-2pm)

                       NO LIFEGUARD on duty Mondays and Tuesdays.

Little Beach: Weekdays and Saturdays: No Lifeguard        |  Sundays and Holidays: No Lifeguard
* Swim at your own risk when no lifeguards on duty!
Employment Application: ◊ APPLICATION FORM


2020 Beach Openings: Kelly Beach
>  Opening  June 20th 
Full Lifeguard Coverage 
      Mon-Fri 10am-5pm
      Sat-Sun 10am-5:30pm  
>  Please pick up any litter and take any trash home with you.
>  Trash receptacles are not available at the beach.
>  Dogs are not permitted on the beaches from May 15th thru September 15th!
Please be aware that there are NO DOGS allowed on both Kelly and Little Beach when they are officially open. This is a Bonnet Ordinance. We have alerted the Narragansett dog officer that the ordinance is now in effect. Please abide by this ordinance as residents enjoy our beaches for the summer. Thank you for your cooperation.

Adjacent Beach Club Property Notice:

As a result of complaints filed with the RI Ethics  Commission against some Bonnet Shores Fire District officials, which indirectly involved the  Beach Club, the club has now issued a "demand letter" to the Fire District addressing several  "issues" one of which is the use of beach property owned by the club. Effective immediately, the  area just west of Kelly Beach approximately 200 linear feet in size will no longer be available  for use by non-club members. You may see security or lifeguards stationed in this area to enforce  the new restriction. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do at this time and hope that we will  be able to come to a favorable resolution in the future. We appreciate your cooperation in this  matter.              
Kelly Beach Breach-way is closed each summer so that the beach can be cleaned and trash removed.
This protocol has happened  for years.
The Breach-way can be open if the water levels of the pond are too high  or in the case of storm.
It will reopen again in the fall as usual.
BEACH TAGS UPDATE (May 2020)  Only Bonnet Shores residents and their guests are permitted to access Kelly Beach. Security guards are on duty to verify residency. Kelly Beach is only accessible via the beach entrance located on Dunes Road. Accessing the beach by trails, dunes, etc. is strictly prohibited. There is no parking at any time on Dunes Road. Those wishing to "drop off" may do so at
the entrance/walkway to the beach. Security guards are authorized to notify police and/or an authorized tow company for any vehicle left in the area for longer than 10 minutes. There are NO new tags being issued. Tags which were originally distributed are to be used. If you have lost or
misplaced your tag(s), you may show any document which has your Bonnet address printed on it (i.e. driver’s license, tax bill, utility bill, etc.) to gain access. There are no "replacement" tags issued. New construction homes are allowed 2 tags. If you purchased a home and the tags were not left or transferred, we suggest you contact the seller or agent to request tags. All homeowners were notified at the time tags were originally distributed that they were to be left with the property. If you are unable to obtain tags there is a ONE TIME, ONE TAG, ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR replacement policy to allow for the purchase of a ONE tag. 
Due to the current situation the office is closed. If you need to obtain beach tags please email the District Manager at ( to make arrangements to get tags.  
BEACH BUS:  No bus for the 2020 season 2019 


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