District Incorporation

Incorporated in 1932 by an Act of the Rhode Island General Assembly,  Bonnet Shores Fire District originally provided fire protection for its summer residents. Over the past 70 years, the Fire District has evolved into an exclusive residential village of the Town of Narragansett offering a myriad of recreational opportunities revolving around its two scenic beaches. In addition to these family-oriented beaches, the District boasts a mooring area that accommodates 65 boats and Community Center that serves as the venue for numerous year-round activities.

Under Sections 7 of the Articles of Incorporation, as a quasi-municipality, Bonnet Shores has been granted the authority for taxation for purposes of  maintenance, upkeep and improvement of existing private streets, walks and ways; the establishment and/or maintenance of additional private streets, walks and ways; water supply system for domestic use and fire prevention; a fire, police or life saving department, a lighting system; a garbage removal system or any similar system deemed necessary for the protection of lives and property within the district or for the general improvement, up building, and beautifying of the district property. 

The District is governed by a 7 member council.  Council members are elected to a 3-year term at the BSFD Annual Meeting. The listing of elected officers and appointees are on the Website.


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